Artist & Brand Management

Each artist, creative project and brand are unique.

Our role as Manager is to support the artist by creating organised systems, by carefully coordinating and communicating with everyone involved in the project.  By setting up specific goals and strategies, we penetrate a targeted demographic: market, territory and public.
We handle the artist’s career by offering dedicated skills and surrounding them with the right network.

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TB MGMT stand out by bringing on board and blending the right people, skills and network, all together, to realise your mission and help you shine brighter out there.

We design schemes and plans of action specific to each client’s needs and budget.

TBMGMT has a positive vision of the future and an ethical modus operendi to allow you to dream big.


Artist Management

  • Consultancy for career advising
  • Visual identity development
  • Supervise Communication & Press Relations
  • Life Coach
  • Contracts and Administration
  • Advancing & Logistics
  • Travels roads & Itineraries
  • Bookings
  • Coordinate releases plans
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Partnerships & Network development

Brand Management

  • Development
  • Support for Business plan
  • Artistic Direction
  • Supervise Press Relation
  • Collaborations and partnerships
  • Contracts and Administration
  • Online Presence monitoring
  •  Concurrency and Market study
  •  Development e-business


  • FORM Management:
    POPOF, Julian Jeweil, Oxia, Shaun Reeves
    Mandana, Animal & Me
  • TB MGMT:
    Alys, Stallo, Pøli
  • MULTIVERSUM By Comport Records
  • TechnoBabes
  • Zmirov Paris:
    New Balance, Dr. Martens, Havaianas,
    Claire’s, Showcase Club, Stoli Vodka,
    Marks & Spencer _ (France)