Creative Direction

In our vision we trust

* We coordinate Performances, Styling, Photography and Video content shootings to give character to productions and branded content.
* We also decorate events, festivals, hotels and shops;
giving life to immersive and sensorial experiences for our clients in order to help them differentiate and for the public to enjoy.
* In addition, we curate artists and build art installations to realize multidisciplinary projects and create designed atmospheres for venues.
* Finally, we define or emphasise brand’s visual identity to get noticed.

TB MGMT stand out by bringing on board and blending the right people,
skills, network and a pinch of magic altogether,
to realise missions and help you shine brighter out there.

We design schemes and plans of action tailored for each client’s needs.

TBMGMT has a positive vision of the future and an ethical modus operendi
allowing you to dream big, grow organically and last in people’s minds.


–    To pick from

  • Vision concept proposal and development
  • Art Curation
  • Decors & related logistics
  • Performance coordination
  • Art installations / Set Design
  • Creative team recruitment
  • Photos / Video content direction
  • Styling
  • Sound design
  • And more upon request


  • Melvin Laur, Ibiza
    Music Video Production
  • All Day I Dream, Ibiza
    Livestream Set design
  • Kommune.TV, Ibiza
  • Marcel Fengler x Laia Flynn, Berlin
  • Mandana x Laia Flynn, Berlin
  • Universal Techno, Barcelona
    Art Installation and Artist Curation
  • Disconnekt Berlin, Barcelona
    Decor & Performance coordination
  • Tomorrowland x Abracadabra, Boom
    Decor logistics
  • Flying Circus, Barcelona
    Performance coordination & video shoot
  • Oxi Club, Berlin
    Club stage decor
  • Repopulate Mars, Miami
    Venue decor concept and execution
  • Flying Circus, Miami
    Venue decor
  • Wilde Renate Club, Berlin
    Club decor for Keep On Dancing, Ibiza
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel x Pao Lopez, Berlin
    Decor production, team recruitment and coordination
  • TechnoBabes, Berlin
    Art Direction
Performance: Lauren Libre x HEX Razzmatazz
Music video direction & production: Un Nuit - Melvin Laur
Un Nuit - Melvin Laur - music video direction
Kommune TV slow TV
Production & Set design: Kommune.TV x Lenny Ibizarre
and Valentin Huedo _ Ibiza
Valentin Huedo x All Day I Dream x Kommune TV
Photoshoot & Styling: Laia Flynn x TB Collection _ Berlin
Photoshoot production: Marcel Fengler x @laiaflynn_yf
Photoshoot production & Styling: Mandana x @laiaflynn_yf
Multidisciplinary art show concept, Art Curation, Installations
Universal Techno by Lauren Jones TB
Universal Techno by Lauren Jones TB
Universal Techno, Art Show, Barcelona